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Why they said Qatar Airways have the best business class

People have been saying that Qatar has the best business class at present.

I could not agree more on this.

Service was great. The flight attendants were very friendly - and this is not a one time experience. I have been flying several times with them, and they have consistently showed that.

They also have this all time dining at your own time... so you can sleep when ever you want and eat whatever in the menu, whenever you want. You don't have to stay awake just to wait for the meal service.

The seating from Jakarta to Doha was also as expected, it provide rooms, comfort and privacy (not like its competitor that offer a 3 seating arrangement in the middle and 2 seating arrangement in the window side for their business class in the similar route).

They give you perks of a pyjama for your overnight flights. Although i must said that I don't really enjoy the amenities provided in the Brics' pouch. On this side, i think Emirates with its Bvlgari amenities are more interesting (plus the free chauffeur are just crazy).

Seating arrangement on the 2nd half of the leg was exceptional. I think they don't offer this on their European flights but they do use it on the USA flights.

The Q-suite is just fantastic!

Its a private cabin, with extra pillow and soft blanket.

Pricing was competitive and sometimes less than other airlines.

So this is one airline that you can consider for your future trip.


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