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Developing Your Team

I often thinks that developing your team was about giving them direction, insight, transfer of knowledge and expertise, and providing feedback to team members.

in a class i joined on developing people, i learn that there are 3 types of people development out there.


Which includes providing development in terms of: a. Expertise, b. Developmental feedback.


Which includes providing development in: a. Social support, b. Career guidance.


Which includes providing development in terms of: a. Advocacy and Access, b. Network

Based on a little survey we conducted on site on a groupof 100+ people, it shows different results on what type of people development people choose to be and what are perceived as the most difficult role to take.

Although it was discussed that people have different type on how they choose to develop people, my view is that all 3 types are necessary, but what differentiates it should be based on the individual that you want to develop and it should not be based on the preference of the leader but based on the needs of his or her team members.

Why is so? Because different level of team members have different needs. Younger and new people will need more on the coaching side, and as that person goes up... he or she will need mentoring, and finally need sponsoring.

But.. that is just my 2 cents...


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